AVRT (Previously MACRT) is a professional organization of vision rehabilitation therapists who work with persons with blindness or low vision. AVRT brings together vision rehabilitation therapists from across the country to share ideas, information, professional practices, and experiences all having to do with rehabilitation. AVRT is a professional organization of Vision Rehabilitation Therapists from both private and public sectors across the nation.

Our organization began as a grass roots movement of Home Teachers for blind and visually impaired individuals. Its first meeting, held in Chicago in 1947, addressed the need to develop modern teaching methods and materials to be used in the rehabilitation of blind and visually impaired persons. Since then, the group met regularly to tackle those issues.

When university programs for Rehabilitation Teaching of Adult Blind came into existence in the mid 1960's, the Mid-America Conference of Rehabilitation Teachers Organization as we know it today was created.

Its purpose is to promote and improve standards of performance for rehabilitation teachers, to determine a code of ethics for the profession of rehabilitation teaching, To foster a good public image of the rehabilitation teacher in the conference and nation, to gather a body of knowledge appropriate to the profession of rehabilitation teachers of this conference, to provide opportunities, workshops, conferences, public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, and the exchange of ideas concerning the profession of rehabilitation teaching, to foster training opportunities for rehabilitation teachers, and to collaborate with other professions for the purpose of enhancing services provided to blind and visually impaired persons.

In 1983, the Charlyn Allen Award was initiated to provide peer recognition for outstanding achievement, dedication and leadership in the field of Rehabilitation Teaching.

AVRT awards scholarships annually to students in university degree programs in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy. Its first scholarship was awarded in 1986.

AVRT membership is open to all interested vision rehabilitation therapists and related professionals across the country and internationally. Interested vision rehabilitation therapists may contact AVRT President, Jennifer Ottowitz.