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Welcome to the Association of Vision Rehabilitation Therapists

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Dedicated to helping people with low vision or those who are completely visually impaired.

The Association of Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (AVRT) is a professional organization for Vision Rehabilitation Therapists from a variety of public and private sectors across the United States. We provide services to people with blindness or low vision impairment across the United States. We are an outlet for professionals in our field to connect and share knowledge, collaborate on challenging issues together! Our purpose is to provide current information to our AVRT members about the organization and our work. We also provide information to interested non-members. We, as a group want to consistently be gathering information, articles and attending conferences so we can support our work and use our knowledge to better others in need of our services!

Our group can share exciting ways to be more creative in our work, while having fun teaching our clients. We conduct an annual professional development conference for practitioners and other personnel in the field of blind rehabilitation. The conferences offer effective instructional materials, techniques and discussion of current issues. These are also a great venue for stimulating network opportunities. We offer continuing education units through the Academy of Certification for Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP), so that attendees can obtain credits for certification.

AVRT's quarterly newsletter contains a wealth of information specifically for vision rehabilitation therapists that is found nowhere else.  The regular educational articles and practical teaching suggestions are a great benefit of this publication for our members. Each year, AVRT awards financial scholarships to students in university degree programs in vision rehabilitation therapy. We also recognize fellow professionals through awards and provide stipends for certification fees as well as first-time attendees to our conferences. If you are not a AVRT member, please consider this organization as a part of your portfolio for resources to better understand and accomplish your work! You can go directly to our membership application or feel free to contact us to get more information.