Blind peron walking with a dog in the city.

Come Join AVRT!

We are so excited every time someone decides to join our association! There are many people out there who need our services. The more people we can get to join our association, the more people we have collectively to help others!

New Ideas
Transform Idea
Transform Your Ideas Into tools to help others!
Use your ideas to help others who have special needs! We need you!
Business Value
Your talents are a great value!
Helping others with disabilities provides a GREAT value for improving a person's quality of life!

Be a Part of our Efforts!

Membership is easy. The cost is very low. The benefits however are extreme!

Keep up with the latest technology!
Utilize tools for effective assistance!
Be a part of a serving community!

AVRT Membership

Membership has it's perks! Below are some of the benefits to becoming an AVRT member. If you have questions before joining, please contact:

Marge Lebrick
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
236 Goodwin Crest Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35209

Phone: (205) 308-3501
E-Mail Address:

Some Member Benefits

We continually find people and businesses that are interested in sharing experiences and knowledge to keep us up to date with the latest!


Continuing Education Units are available through AVRT membership.


AVRT gives out both awards and scholarships each year to our AVRT members.